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Our Mission:


To provide a relationship building environment where members share referrals and marketing techniques to increase business.


Since 2006

Networking groups come and go. The average lifespan for a networking group is one to three years. Southwest Networking Group has been impacting the community for over a decade. The secret to our members’ success is the years of experience under our belt.


SWNG History

Southwest Networking Group - or “SWNG” for short - is one of the longest-lasting networking groups in the area. We are an exclusive referral-based group and provide members with unique opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.

Founded with 12 members, some of whom are still active today, SWNG wanted to break away from the confines of the nationally known networking groups and create an atmosphere that is welcoming, professional and one that allows you to truly hone and build your marketing skills while helping to grow each other’s businesses through referrals. A huge part of our success stems from the following:

  • We are a one of kind group that builds credible relationships with one another.

  • We are strong leaders in our profession.

  • We share innovative ideas and inspire each other to be the best in our businesses.

  • We uplift and enrich our community.

  • We help to increase not only your business but also your own personal growth.




October 2017

Southwest Networking Group has not only grown my business but also my personal marketing skills as well. To have a group of members that I consider to be part of my sales team has been invaluable to me and my business. It's the best referral group around!

Liz Bailey / Core Health Products




We’re not just another referral group. We spend a good amount of time getting to know each other’s businesses so when we do give referrals they have value. We all become experts in each others respective fields. There’s no pressure or demand to fill a referral quota here. Quality over quantity matters. That said, our numbers aren’t light either. In 2018 we brought in over 500 referrals for our members respectively.



We’re not your typical networking group. The connections we make with each other have a lifelong impact that results in substantial personal growth.


Southwest Networking Group pairs locally owned businesses with franchises and major corporations. Locally owned shops learn to swim with the sharks.

Free Coffee

Skip long lines. We’re also known for our extreme generosity. Each member is assured at least one free cup of coffee per meeting.